Julian Snelling

Franco-londonian painter and sculptor, Julian Snelling, Founder of Rosebuds™ SARL has made an art of eroticism

His creations were present in the Erotic Museum in Paris and are collected by erotic art lovers.

Julian Snelling, is a visionary of sex and pleasure. His plugs are used as key chains, displaying vulvas, hands and tribal faces; decorated with fur or horsehair, it will be called HorseBud. Horse, zebra, tiger ...
The wearer of the Horsebud feels like they have a tail coming out of their anus.
With Rosebuds™ , enter the subversive world of a perfectionist creator.

On the Conception of Art

Creation (sculpture) is a way of making love, closely linked to the body, and I file, I sand, I flow ...

On the choice of anal jewellery

The late erotic engravings of Picasso made me understand how the anus, especially for women, a star at the center of the beautiful shape of the buttocks, can be beautiful. The jewel is a kiss.

The link with BDSM, gay and fetish worlds

In BDSM and fetish I admire being comfortable with your body, whether in canon or in flesh, drawing and giving pleasure. I like how that which is often hidden becomes the center of attention. The costumes are often beautiful. I decorate many cocks, gay and sad. We all have an anus.