Quality sex toys

Anal plug, Cockring, Ballring, Helmet, Cockpin, Nipple jewelry and Body jewelry are designed in stainless steel or anodized aluminum (100% hypoallergenic).

The finish of each Rosebuds™ product is carefully observed before shipment : delivered in its case, your Rosebuds™ is ready to be taken wherever you want ...

Your intimate jewel is adorned with a mini bronze sculpture (heads or bodies, bestiaries, sex symbols), a top of the line crystal or a gem - fine, precious or ornamental stone.

The gem is a name given to minerals which concentrate several qualities: a beautiful color, good durability, rarity and the way the stone is cut to sublimate its beauty.

The quality of Rosebuds™ sex toys transforms your intimate jewel into a luxury plug. It's up to you to choose from the wide variety of semi-precious stones on offer: jade, malachite, agate, tiger's eye, amethyst, garnet, etc.

"Often imitated but never equaled": if this slogan served as the launch of a dictionary, it fits perfectly with the Rosebuds™ product line! Counterfeits, imitations, pale copies, even pastiches: no product on the sex toy market achieves the quality and aesthetics of a Rosebuds™.

Creation, design and development

The Rosebuds™ company founded a porn-chic universe dominated by creation and innovation. A creativity that has earned Rosebuds™ an incomparable luxury brand image.

Rosebuds™ is indeed:

  • A unique and complete product line of sex toys in terms of the sizes, materials and ornaments offered,
  • The design of new plugins,
  • The development of sex jewelry for all: heterosexuals, homosexuals, fetishists, BDSM.