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The search for pleasure

Contrary to popular belief

The Rosebuds™ are fun sex toys! They are not at all painful. To avoid an unpleasant effect, never force the sphincter (the strongest muscle in the body).

Increase your pleasure tenfold

Foreplay is important: massage the anus with one or two lubricated fingers then gently penetrate the Rosebuds™ nearly 3 centimetres to relax the anus. First time user? Choose a Model S or M. For the first penetration, insert the tip of the lubricated Rosebuds™ and push gently. In seconds, the plug is placed in the anus and only the decorative element of Rosebuds™ remains visible, and also serves as a stop. The fun can now begin.


Contrary to popular belief

Contrary to popular belief Rosebuds™ Most of the time the rectum is empty and clean, except when digestive wastes should be removed by your organism or by using the model size S to L with lubricant, the Rosebuds™ come out perfectly clean unless you have a particular disease.

For impeccable hygiene

To prevent the slightest risk of soiling with XL or XXL models, it is advisable to lubricate your Rosebuds™ . If the fear of soiling the plug remains, do not hesitate to make a small enema, eg with the help of a pear: send some warm water without pressure in the rectum, and then expel. This can be repeated or performed with a natural and scented oil. Do you use the Rosebuds™ for a very long time? You can use a glycerin suppository - simple and very effective method - or make a big enema: often practiced with a special tip on the shower head, water is injected into the rectum with a slight pressure. Hold as much water as possible in the rectum before ejecting and repeat the procedure until the water runs clear. This is not trivial, it affects the intestine and must remain occasional.


Contrary to popular belief

Using Rosebuds™ involves no risk of stretching the anus. After the introduction of the plug, the sphincter tightens on the stem with a diameter roughly that of a finger. This corresponds to the normal and natural opening of the anus. The risk of stretching the anus is due to unconventional anal penetration such as fist-fucking or repeated introduction of objects of very large caliber. This leads to a loss of elasticity of the anus which can lead to anal incontinence.

The virtues of Rosebuds

The Rosebuds™ is a very good object - including BUMBALLS dumbbells - for maintaining the elasticity of the anal sphincter and flexibility for those who practice sodomy very regularly and with large diameters.


The Rosebuds™ is a precious jewel, like most sex toys deserves special attention. To retain its beauty, it should not be subjected to impact or be exposed to sunlight or be in contact with hot water (at a temperature below 50 °C).

All jewelry Rosebuds™ can be cleaned with warm soapy water. For your Rosebuds™ in bronze, and per natural oxidation of the material, it is advisable to immerse in warm water and dry well. Also, to avoid the risk of scratching the polished portion of the jewel, Rosebuds™ recommend using a soft cloth and very soft brush or a special jewel cleaning product.